Backyard Inspiration: Kids’ Wonderland

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The backyard has long been an outdoor haven where children can skip and play, expend their seemingly limitless energy supply, and let their imaginations run wild.

Think what just a few outdoor toys can do to add to the fun! Here are our suggestions for some great items you can add to your backyard to transform it into a kid’s dream playground:

Backyard Kids

  • Sandboxes | With a little imagination, a simple sandbox can transport your kids to a sandy beach, to a princess sand castle complete with a moat, or to a dig site where it’s up to them to discover dinosaur bones!
  • Seesaws | A seesaw can be a great excuse for parents to teach their kids a backyard physics lesson … plus, they’re super fun.
  • Basketball Hoops | Your future bball star can take plenty of practice shots with a basketball goal in the backyard. The great thing about this backyard playground item is that basketball hoops are often adjustable, meaning it can grow up right with your kid through middle school, into their teenage years, and beyond.
  • Swing Sets | What playground is complete without a swing set? On a swing set, kids can traverse the monkey bars, whizz down the slide, reach great heights on the swing and, in their land of pretend, captain their own pirate ship, swing on jungle vines and much more.

How will you transform your backyard into a perfect playground? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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