Regional Design: Mountain Style

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fire placeYou don’t have to live in the mountains to enjoy the mountain style of home decor. Whether you live on the coast, in the desert or in the suburban Midwest, mountain style can add a rugged, earthy aesthetic — as well as the free and comforting feeling of the great wide open — to your home.

Incorporate elements of mountain style into your home with the following design principles:

  • Wood. Wood is the most common material associated with mountain style. From wood flooring to wood furniture to wood paneling to exposed wood ceilings and more, incorporating the material in your home’s design is the best way to capture the style.

  • Warmth. An important element of a mountain home’s design is warmth — both in the literal sense and aesthetically. Warm up your rooms — literally — with fireplaces, cushy rugs, throw blankets, towel warmers and heated floors. Boost the warm-and-cozy aesthetic with large, overstuffed furniture and toasty, glowing lighting.

  • Natural-inspired decor. Accent your home with natural-inspired decor, such as stone, antlers, plant life and any trophies you’ve acquired on hunting outings. In addition, consider adding artwork to the space that captures the beauty of the natural world, from mountain landscapes to wildlife portraits, and more. Embrace all things earthy and natural in your home to achieve the mountain style look.

antler lighting

In what ways have you added mountain style flair to your home? Let us know on the DirectBuy Facebook page!

And if your dream mountain home look is still just that — a dream — get started on your mountain home makeover with DirectBuy! Our in-house experts can help to guide and assist you in the design process. Members: Stop on in at your nearest showroom location (or log on to the website) to get the ball rolling. Non-members: Schedule an appointment for an Open House visit at your local showroom today to get on the path to transforming your home into the perfect mountain style retreat!

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