Regional Design: Coastal Style

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nautical lanternThe breezy, effortless-feeling design of a coastal-style home is a desirable aesthetic for West Coasters, East Coasters and landlocked home owners, alike. Thankfully, once homeowners learn the elements of coastal style, it is a fairly easy look to adopt.

Check out our tips for adopting coastal style below:

    • Focus on colors. Brighten your space with a palette of whites, while incorporating sandy neutrals and ocean-inspired blues. In addition, don’t be afraid of bright pops of color; these brilliant hues will keep your space feeling summery all year long.
    • Invest in clean, crisp linens. In a coastal home, you can’t go wrong with white or off-white linens. Other great choices include those in light neutrals or with nautical stripes.

  • Add some greenery. Bring some life — literally — to your coastal style home by including a variety of houseplants into your design. Some styles to consider include aloe vera, ferns, bromeliads, jade plants, spider plants and herbs like rosemary, mint and thyme. Alternatively, consider adding fresh-cut flowers to tabletops and countertops throughout your home.
  • Get cozy. Avoid excessively structured, overly formal styles; in coastal style, elegance emanates from comfortable furniture, furnishings and decor that can be lived in. Choose cozy furniture and flooring that would be a welcome sight after a long day on the beach — even if your home is in a Midwestern suburb. Choose materials like wicker and linen.
  • Embrace nautical accessories. While there’s certainly no need to cover every square inch of your space with nautical stripes, oars, ships, nautical knots, lighthouses, anchors and sea shells, such items in tasteful moderation can definitely tie together the coastal style aesthetic.
Nautical home style

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