Have A Night At The Movies In Your Own Backyard

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outdoor furniture setOnce upon a time, one of the coolest things to do on a hot summer night was to hop in the car and roll over to the nearest drive-in theatre to munch on some popcorn and take in a big ol’ blockbuster movie (or two, if it was a double feature!).

While catching a summer flick is still a great seasonal pastime, drive-in theatres themselves are pretty few and far between.

The good news? It takes just a few things to bring the drive-in movie experience into your very own backyard!

Check out our tips below for transforming your lawn into an outdoor cinema:

Start With The Basics. At the very least, your outdoor theatre needs include a home cinema projector and projection screen, a DVD player, some speakers and, of course, the movie of your choice.

Deter Pests. Before the movie watching gets underway, set up some citronella tiki torches to ward off bothersome bugs.

Throw In Some Comfort and Creativity. Build out your backyard setup by adding some cozy outdoor chairs, hammocks, throw pillows/cushions, blankets and other items to keep you and your guests lounging comfortably throughout the movie. Add some ambience with some string lights or paper lanterns. You can even go all out by adding themed decorations that pair well with the movie you’ll be showing!

Do A Test Run. Plan ahead for the technical elements of your movie night. Before showtime, do a test run to make sure you’ve got everything running smoothly.

Add Refreshments. The movie experience isn’t complete without plenty of munchies! Go the traditional route with a snack bar featuring popcorn, soda and movie theatre candy. Or branch out a bit by putting together a nacho bar or serving sorbet topped with fresh fruit. (Here, again, is a chance to tie into the theme of the movie!)

Enjoy! Once you’ve squared away all your preparations, round up your family and friends, wait for the sun to set and enjoy your backyard cinema experience!

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See you at the movies!

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