Three Pointers For Creating A Home Gym

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Sound systemPerhaps you’ve just started getting back into working out and want to dedicate space in your home to your new endeavor. Maybe you find your current gym’s hours inconvenient. Or perhaps, you would prefer not to have to wait for your turn on the elliptical on busy days at your workout facility.

No matter the reason for adding one to your house, a home gym is a great way to get you motivated to exercise and to help you meet your fitness goals. But where do you begin when planning to add one?

Here are three tips to help get you started:

Pick your space. When choosing a room for your home gym, it’s best to choose a space that is out of the way, with plenty of room to store your equipment and to move around as you’re exercising. In addition, it’s helpful if this room is on a lower level, so that any noise from your workouts won’t reverberate through the home.

Choose your workout equipment. Outfit your gym with the right equipment for working up a sweat. Get your cardio on with a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical trainer, along with old-school equipment like a jump rope. Work on your strength training with free weights or a versatile weight machine, along with medicine balls and a stability ball. Create a comfortable place for working on stretching and flexibility by including a yoga mat or other padded mat.

Choose equipment that is tailored to your fitness preferences, while giving yourself the flexibility to add or change equipment as your fitness needs and interests evolve in the future.

Select your entertainment. Lifting weights, running on the treadmill or riding a stationary bike are all great opportunities to catch up on your favorite TV shows or the latest audiobook you’ve been itching to get started. Consider adding a sound system or a TV to your home gym. (These items can also come in handy for those who use exercise videos or get hyped up during their workouts by listening to their favorite music.)

In addition, for long workouts on the elliptical or a recumbent bike, be sure to have the latest issues of your favorite magazines or a copy of a new book on hand.

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