Seven Ways To Transform Your Backyard Into An Outdoor Oasis

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BackyardSpring has sprung, and with summer just on the horizon, now’s your opportunity to start taking advantage of the relaxing peacefulness that your backyard provides. If, however, your backyard needs a little more work to go from “OK” to “Oasis,” that’s quite all right! We’ve got you covered with these seven tips for transforming your backyard into an outdoor oasis:

1. Focus on seating. Will you be hosting lots of guests in your backyard oasis, or will it be more of a private getaway? Whatever your preferred approach, prepare for adequate seating in durable materials such as wood, all-weather wicker or metal. Add comfort to your seating with some outdoor pillows and cushions. And, for the true lounging experience, consider mounting a hammock in your oasis space.

2. Plan for meals. A huge element of outdoor entertaining and enjoyment includes food — from a quiet brunch on the patio with your immediate family, to s’mores around the fire pit after sunset, to a full-blown cookout with dozens of friends and family members on Independence Day. Assemble the necessary items to suit your needs, such as table space, a grill and accessories, outdoor dinnerware and more.

3. Consider the lighting. Add a beautiful ambience and a calm mood to your backyard space by carefully selecting your lighting. Consider such choices as hanging string lights, paper lanterns, a fire pit and/or outdoor candles. 

4. Add greenery. Plant life in your backyard adds beauty and a shroud of privacy, not to mention more fresh air, to your space.

5. Safeguard against bugs. Stave off pesky mosquitos and other nuisances with citronella candles or tiki torches.

6. Move the playroom outdoors. Keep the kiddos happy with plenty of traditional outdoor recreation items — sidewalk chalk, bubbles, swing set, sandbox, kiddie pool, hula hoops, Frisbees, balls, etc. — along with designating a special outdoor toy chest, which can be stored in a garage or shed, for traditional indoor toys like dolls, action figures, blocks and so forth.

7. When you’re ready, invest in a big-ticket item you’ll love forever. Have you been longing for a hot tub? Would your backyard feel more complete with the addition of a full-service outdoor kitchen? Or have you been waiting for the right time to finally add a deck to your backyard space? To finalize the transformation of your backyard into a completely immersive, relaxing space to retreat, consider investing in that big-ticket item you’ve been eyeing.

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