Congrats To Winners of DirectBuy’s $50,000 Home Makeover Giveaway Contest!

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Home Makeover Contest WinnersLast month, Eric and Pam Thomas of DirectBuy Edison were announced the winners of DirectBuy’s Home Makeover Giveaway Contest! They were awarded $50,000 toward DirectBuy products.

“We couldn’t believe it!” Pam Thomas said. “My husband and I didn’t think it was real until we showed up to the showroom, and everyone was congratulating us and handed us a giant check in our name.”

Pam and Eric are new homeowners in Sweetwater, N.J., and are looking into making the home their own. One of the personal touches they plan on adding in time is a movie room for the whole family to enjoy.

The first purchase the Thomas family plans on making, however, is new kitchen countertops. They look forward to doing a full kitchen remodel that includes new flooring and top-of-the-line appliances.

DirectBuy has allowed the members of the Thomas family to do things to their home that they didn’t think would be possible for another 15 years.

“We weren’t planning on doing renovations to our home until our daughter was out of college,” Pam said.

“We were adamant about joining DirectBuy at first, but DirectBuy has allowed us to choose exactly what we want for the best prices out there,” Pam said. “It was definitely worth it!”

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